Why i see “heart on the beach” wallpaper sometime


User may see this wallpaper in following conditions

Cause:- If your download is corrupt ( Internet down while downloading )
Solution:- Restart app, if still same behaviour then Delete wallpaper and download again.


4 thoughts on - Why i see “heart on the beach” wallpaper sometime

  • Hi. How can i make a wallpaper with more than 4 layers? I saw some have 6 layers. I want to exploid this app. And finally there is a way to upload our wallpaper to your server?

    • Hey!!
      Yes! you can create 3D wallpapers wit 4 layers only because of mobile memory management we decide layer limit as 4.
      From the release v2.0.2 you can submit your theme to us as well to make that public or private.

      You can send us max 7 layers for public 3D theme.

      Thank you