Create Theme Screen/Icon/Button Explained

  Create Theme

All buttons are explained here of Create theme activity.

  • Click here to give a name to your 3D theme.
  • A button to delete all layers and selected 3D theme at once.

  • “Ready” means your theme is ready to save. Your created theme would not save until you press this button.


  • Share your theme with us to make it public or you can share theme with friends.
  • Preview your 3D theme without saving it. ( Preview button doesn’t save your changes ).

  • You can add layers to your theme ( choose 3 Layers for best 3D effects use 4th layer for particles ).

One Reply to “Create Theme Screen/Icon/Button Explained”

  • I tried using the feedback option, but all it did was download a document to my Drive that said “Hi!”, What I want to comment on is the option to move layers around so that the right layer is placed in the right spot and the person doesn’t have to delete the layer to get the right one, it’s tedious to make wallpapers without that option.