Xiaomi users must watch this before using 3D Wallpaper Parallax

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  • Я пользователь Xiaomi Redmi note 5. Обои установились и работают, но потом эффект 3D проподать и остаётся простая картинка. Ваше видео не помогает. Исправьте ошибку.

  • Обои, через некоторое время, становятся статичными. Как это лечится? Спасибо)

  • Works perfect on My Xiaomi Mi Note 3 with global Rom that is nice to have but I only use English since I’m living in Sweden but my stable global Rom i bought it with from Honorbuy “awesome site if you don’t want tax and they have stock inside of eu took 2 days to get it with an guy to my door 9 in the morning they so gayer from an other non Scandinavian country than Sweden original post and they have it shipped inside of an balloon an no vendor rom plus all different ROM to choose from my wife Redmi 5 plus Chinese Ron because the phone was released 2 days before I bought it had Chinese global Ron took the same time and in an balloon thing plus better warranty” But anyways I had allitle bugs with the apps on my old mi5s don’t remember if I had it on first Miui 9 Global Ron for it but could been that it stucked sometimes. My Miui it seems to work good but if it changes I will update the thread after watched the video. Only bug I have now is my version don’t show Face ID unlock on the mi note 3 so if you buy one because it’s an cheap phone 6gb ram 2x som dual vänstra sd660 that out performance my old mi5s snapdragon 821 but have buffet battery and takes 25 percent power of what my mi5s did. Only miss Raw picture saving but my front camera is the same back camera from not without s, 16mpixel takes so much better than my 4mpixel mi5s camera and back camera I never have to use the fish if it’s not pitch black have much functions and manual mode. For the price I think it’s worth it but if you can’t live with our face ID use Chinese ROM and the negative is that they don’t prioritize this phone yet with is updates not anyways in stable ROMs but Chinese users the same as my wife’s redmi 5 plus that is much phone for the money and she that hates over 5 inch I took an wild guess since it have an 18:9 screen with higher resolution than 1080p good picture anyways and it holds for falling on the floor my wife drops it all the time she never had an phone over one year her honor 8 held 2 day before back glass was broken 4 months later it got droved over by an taxi and snowed over for one hour and I told her don’t power it on but she never listen to me so I think most problems came because of wet circuits. So I will never get an position I can photoshoots from since I have to much pain to sit a front an computer 20 minutes I need to lay down in bed and I need Photoshop using an old e009 PC for PS cc2017 not fun editing DSLR pictures. Now need to sleep but so works perfect for 3 days for me it’s been on all the time and using different themes that are free on global ROM. Good night every one and I will make an theme here in one week that I’ve been searcing for in every app but haven’t found it an vape theme of I can upload own pictures I have an idea on an few I’m gonna try did an try out Easter holiday theme today. Happy weekend from Marcus North Sweden

  • Почему перестало работать приложение висит черный экран 2день
    на Xiaomi Mi Mix

    • Знаешь почему, потому что у тебя в телефоне нету функции 3 гига оперативной памяти, ото если будет 3ха, проблем никаких не будет!!!

    • Hey!,
      Setting different wallpaper for lock and home screen is depend on Android OS.

      If your device support different Live Wallpaper for lock and home screen , app would allow you to set.

      Becuase of Android OS restrictions most of the devices doesn’t support it.

      Thank you

  • I read in somebody else’s comments something about background eraser for your own pictures. If there is such a thing can you tell me how to get it or where to find it thank you

  • Some wallpapers don’t fit the screen/too big. Are you aware of this? Can this problem be resolved? Thanks.

  • Sir, after some time the wallpaper stops showing the paralax effect in my “red mi note 3” . Please help!!!

  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am install this apps but after apply in my vivo v3 max mobile not show wallpeper pls resolve this